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If you want a career that is challenging, immensely respected, and where no two days are the same, then becoming a firefighter NSW should be at the top of your list. Join NSW Fire Brigades if you want to become part of an elite, and one of the world's largest civic fire management and rescue agency. Other responsibilities, as a firefighter with NSW Fire Brigades, include management of incidents involving hazardous substances, coordinating with and assisting other State agencies during natural calamities like floods and storms, and carrying out a range of other rescue tasks.  

 Do you have what it takes to become a firefighter? Firefighting demands a multitude of skills, apart from a tough character. As one of the busiest firefighting agency in Australia, firefighters at NSW Fire Brigade must exhibit uncompromising integrity when it comes to their job. This means you will be expected to be honest, principled, dependable, and accountable vis-a-vis your tasks. While physical fitness is rightly emphasized as one of the key attributes to become a firefighter at NSW Fire Brigade, you should not overlook the emphasis placed on, and the role played by good communications skills.

 Firefighting is all about trusting your crew, and good communication is essential in maintaining that. Firefighting work, because of its very nature, means that you will be called upon to work at irregular hours, and under extremely stressful circumstances. Only those who can display flexibility, drive, passion, and work ethic can expect to thrive in this profession. Lastly, because of the very public nature of this job, you will also have to be conscious that your acts or omissions do not compromise the image of the whole department. 

How to become a firefighter in NSW? To join the NSW Fire Brigades, you will be expected to undergo a thorough and demanding multi-stage evaluation process. These include written tests, psychological and psychometric evaluations, physical aptitude tests, and medical fitness among others. The physical aptitude test is a highly demanding challenge divided into three stages. At stage one, you will be required to ace reduced visibility search and ladder simulation. Stage two involves a battery of four tests including jerry can lug, and repeated hose drags. Finally, in stage three, you will be expected to perform fire attack simulation and firefighter rescue.  Successful candidates at NSW Fire Brigade are appointed as recruit firefighters that involves an intensive 3 months training